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Please take note Cancellation within 24hrs, No Shows & last minute change of minds will occur their corresponding fee. For a full list of Policies please read "Clinic Booking Policies".

Be appointment ready

Booking Checklist

Understand Clinic Policies

Have you read and understood all Clinic Policies in relation to Bookings and Appointments? If not please view the full list on the "Clinic Policies" page. Cancellations, No Shows, Last minute change of mind (within 24hrs), regular rescheduling/cancellations will all result in their corresponding fees/loss of deposits.

Any Pre-Service Care requests are followed

Have you ensured to follow any pre-care needs before your appointment - if needed, this will be requested by your therapist. (Ex - Prepped skin before a Peel/Skin treatment, Exfoliated/Hair removal 24hrs before Spray Tan etc).

Children in the Clinic

Due to increased hazards and risks that can occur, we ask that you do not bring children with you to your appointment and find alternative care for them, we understand this cannot always happen so we ask you to either reschedule your appointment (before the 24hrs), if you must bring them please ensure they have something to keep them occupied and keep an eye on them (if your child is too disruptive or is a potential risk you can be refused service in the future if your child is with you - a fee for last minute cancellation will still apply).
Babies in Prams/Capsules are allowed if needed.
Any Laser based or Peel services will strictly not be allowed children due to safety risks.

Booking Deposits

Most services will required a non-refundable deposit to be taken at the time of booking, please ensure you have credit/debit card details on hand for this. If you have a gift voucher you can use this towards the booking.
Failure to pay the deposit will result in loss of booking and cannot be guaranteed that your chosen booking date/time will still be available if tried again.
Cancellation or Reschedule of appointments prior to the 24hr cut off automatically roll over, changes made within 24hrs of appointment result in loss of deposit and new one must be made.