Please ensure you read and understand all Clinic Policies before making an appointment.

Reschedules & Cancellations

- We understand things come up unexpectedly or a change of plans. All appointments can be Rescheduled or Cancelled up to 24hrs prior to your appointment without fees or losing your deposit * in cases where this isn't a regular occurrence * (deposits are non-refundable only transferrable). Any changes made within the 24hr time frame will result in loss of deposit or a $20 fee (or 20% of the service price if appointment is 1hr +) where a deposit hasn't been paid. Any changes made within the 12hr time frame will result in loss of deposit or a $30 fee (or 50% of the service price if appointment is 1hr +) where a deposit hasn't been paid.
- Rescheduling appointment/s 4x in a row even prior to the 24hr cut off will result in cancellation of your appointment/s and loss of deposit/s. Repeating this will result in us no longer servicing you as a client. This is to help the flow of our bookings and appointment taking, we understand things happen but constant rescheduling hold up availability for others, even with decent notice.
- Deciding not to go ahead with a certain service/treatment within the 24hrs will also result in a fee or loss of deposit (ex. Booked for Hybrid brow Transformation + Lash Lift & Tint, decide on the day not to go ahead with the lashes = loss of deposit/charged a fee) as the original appointment time was booked resulting in no time for another client to book an appointment at that time.
- 24hr Reminders are sent to your mobile number, it is important that you reply to this message ASAP with your reply (Y - Yes, confirm booking, R - Reschedule, N - Cancel Booking). Please ensure your mobile number is kept up to date to receive these messages, it is no responsibility of the clinic if you failed to receive a reminder due to incorrect contact information.

No Show's

- No Show's will result in 100% of the service price to be paid with no opportunity to rebook until the balance is cleared. If you paid a deposit at the time of booking, the remaining balance of the service will have to be paid.
- Those who show up more than 10mins late to their appointment incur a No Show Fee - 100% of the service price, as we may no longer be able to fit in your appointment.
- 3 No Show's will result in us no longer servicing you as a client.


- Almost all services booked at Ethereal will require a non-refundable deposit to be paid to confirm your booking (this has come in to replace fees in the circumstance you cannot make your appointment within 24hrs, fees may still apply in cases a deposit hasn't been payed prior to the new policy or you have to pay a no show fee). This deposit will come off your appointment on the day, only when rebooking immediately or if deposit has be used as a fee, will require a new deposit to be paid (resulting in the original price being paid at checkout rather then the deposit discounted).
- Booking online will require the deposit to be paid online, Bookings made by message or phone call will be sent a payment link via email that must be paid ASAP or alternatively can be paid over the phone before your appointment will be confirmed.
- Many services over 1hr will incur a 50% deposit to be paid.
- Deposits are non-refundable and only transferrable to a new appointment where a cancellation/reschedule has been made prior to the 24hr cut off.

Early & Late Arrivals

- We know you're excited to come in and be pampered, better early then late! However we do ask to avoid showing up more than 5-10mins early for your appointment if possible. We do understand in some cases you may be earlier than expected (especially if travelling from other towns and that is okay!). We only ask this for Client Privacy reasons.
- The Clinic is a safe space for people to vent or talk about what they are comfortable with but the Clinic is in no way sound proof. This is also a booked time for the current client to relax and noises from the waiting area can be heard. If you are showing up 20-10 minutes early, if able please wait in your vehicle until closer to your appointment. If the therapist is running early you will be contacted for a possible early appointment start.
- On the other hand clients will only be allowed up to 10 minutes into their appointment time to be late or they will be classed as a No Show - resulting in a Fee of 100% of the service price as we may no longer be able to fit you in. If you feel you may be late please send a message prior so we can let any client after you know we may be behind schedule.

Bringing Children + Others

- Being a parent is hard enough, let alone wanting to relax and be pampered by yourself, we understand there isn't always someone to babysit or look after your child but we do ask where possible please avoid bringing children to your appointment (with the exception of Babies/Toddler in Prams/Capsules).
- This is due to the high safety risks in the workplace alongside insurance reasons. If you need to bring your child with you please ensure they're occupied and settled (to avoid walking around, grabbing equipment + products that may potentially cause harm) as the therapist cannot always keep an eye on them while trying to treat you. If you know you have a curious child (as much as we love them) please consider rescheduling if possible -prior to 24hrs to avoid fees/loss of deposit.
- Bringing others can also cause distractions in the workplace and create a cramped space in an already small clinic. If possible please avoid bring others or groups with you unless needed or attendees are also booked in.
- Those under 18yrs old can of course bring parents/guardians with them.

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