Dry Skin

Dry skin commonly occurs due to incorrect Skin care use or products, Over-stripping the Skin Barrier, Impaired Cell Turnover, Environment and Water/Hydration Levels. Recommendations for Dry Skin are.

Dry + Textured Skin

Lactic Acid Peel

One of the most common Acid's used in Peels is Lactic Acid also known as a "AHA" (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). This is a Water soluble product that can also increase Hydration Levels in the skin. Lactic Acids are a popular choice in treatments due to their minimal to no downtime on the skin yet effectiveness at improving skin texture & tone by gently exfoliating the superficial layers of the skin, revealing fresh, smooth skin underneath .

** This peel is only recommended for those already do NOT have a severe barrier impairment.
*This peel can also be added onto multiple other treatments such as Dermaplaning & Laser to increase treatment outcome.
Some people may experience mild redness, increased sensitivity and possible dry "flaky" skin or a possible breakout or two in the days after, known as a "Purge" this is the bodies way of removing toxins and waste from the bod normal.

Dry + Dull Skin

Derma Brighten + Hydrate Facial

Best suited for those with Dry, Pigmented, Dull or uneven tone. This Facial will leave you Hydrated and Glowing! Packed full of nourishing products and the best ingredients suited for your skin.

This 1hr Facial includes: Double cleanse with 2 different products, Peeling Cream, Neck+ Decolletage massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Hydrating Face Mask, Individually picked brightening Serums, Eye Cream, Moisturiser and SPF.

Dull Skin

Derma Deluxe Facial

For those wanting to relax and soak up as much pampering as possible! This is the one for you, spoil yourself or someone else with this deluxe experience covering all areas from Calming + Soothing to Hydration, Brightening and Detoxing.

This 1hr 30min Facial includes: A double cleanse with 2 different custom cleansers, An Enzyme Treatment then combined with a Peeling Cream to further polish the skin. A Face, Neck, Decolletage & Shoulder Massage with a custom chosen oil and warm massage stones. A nourishing + soothing customised face mask to suit your skins needs, layered with a cooling + hydrating eye mask then algae mask on top to seal. Lymphatic Massage then follows to de-puff and detox the skin. Custom serums are then picked and blended for your skin concerns, Sealed off with nourishing Eye Cream, Moisturiser infused with ultrasonic and SPF.


Enzyme Treatment

If you're after a quick 30min skin refresh then the Enzyme Treatment will be your new favourite!

Enzymes are gentle on the skin yet effective for exfoliating away old skin cells, increasing blood flow and revealing fresh bright skin. This is a great option for sensitive skins as it involves no acids or physical grit in the product.

This treatment includes Cleanse, Enzyme application with steam, Hot Towel, 2nd cleanse, Hydration Serum, Moisturiser and SPF.