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- Lift & Tighten - Oxygenation + Exfoliation - Target Skin Concerns with Pure Actives - Infusion of Product - Lymphatic Drainage. Whether its Ageing, Pigmentation, Scarring, Active Acne, Hydration or Rejuvenation this Treatment covers all areas.

  • Radio Frequency

    Radio Frequency emits electromagnetic energy which interacts with skin tissue to convert the electrical energy to thermal energy.
    This interaction generates controlled heat in the deep skin tissue, while preserving the epidermis.
    Once therapeutic temperatures are reached, the bulk of heat distributes evenly within the dermis, causing immediate collagen denaturation. New collagen is formed as a result, to provide natural skin tightening and improved elasticity.
    The immediate short term tightening effect (known as the “Cinderella Effect” ) is caused by heat disintegration of Collagen chains making them shorter, then leading to long term stimulation of fibroblast cells which lead to new Collagen Formation.
  • Electrical Skin Activation (ESA)

    ESA technology emits biphasic low-frequency pulsed currents (LPC) - electric current flows in positive and negative low-frequency pulses,
    different to RF delivered as alternated current.
    ESA mimics the body's natural bioelectricity and supports natural wound healing mechanisms by activating the fibroblasts differentiation into myofibroblast.
    Myofibroblast contains stress fibers providing contractile forces to pull newly formed collagen fibers and tighten the extracellular matrix.

    ESA can be used on its on or in Combination with RF at the same time.
  • Oxfoliation

    Geneo X technology utilizes the physiological phenomenon called the Bohr Effect by means of our exclusively developed OxyPods.
    CO2 created during the treatment diverges the natural CO2 balance on the skin, triggering the body to react by increasing blood flow and delivering Oxygen from within to the area.
    This increased blood flow improves microcirculation, rebalances the CO2/Oxygen levels, and surges the skin with freshness and energy while infusing the skin with active ingredients.

    Oxypods come in a range of different Actives to target many different concerns.
  • Ultrasound

    Lite Ultrasound experience creates micro vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, enabling better nutrient absorption.
    Glo2Facial Serums are formulated with active ingredients, targeting specific skin concerns.
    Provides a warming, soothing sensation to stimulate blood circulation and deliver smoothing results.
    Hydrates between the skin’s layers to provide a plumping and smoothing effect.

    Infuses ingredients deeper into the oxygenated skin to volumize and improve surface texture, revealing more supple skin
  • Lymphatic Massage

    A relaxing hands-free lymphatic massage sculpts the face, delivering instant reduction of redness and puffiness while infusing active ingredients even deeper into the skin.
    Triggers collagen stimulation and enhances blood flow to keep you plump and glowing for days.
    Loosens tight facial and jaw muscles to reveal a more globally refreshed appearance.

    Helps drain Lymph Fluids and eliminate Toxins.
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Geneo X


The Treatment that incorporates all 5 Modalities into 1! This is for those wanting all areas of their skin attended to, Starting Off with Radiofrequency followed by Electrical Skin Activation for the Tightening + Lifting effect. Oxfoliation (Oxygen + Exfoliation) is then performed with the Oxypod Chosen to best suit your skin needs. After this portion of the treatment Ultrasound will be used to infuse the complimenting serum matched with the Oxypod used into the skin, The same serum will then be used to help the Lymphatic Handpiece glide along the skin to sculpt and de-puff the face.

No downtime is needed for this treatment, however slight redness may occur for 30mins-24hrs after treatment.

Geneo x

3-in-1 Superfacial

Maybe you want all the goodness of what Geneo X has to offer but don't need the lifting and tightening of the Radiofrequency + ESA, This treatment is for you! Oxfoliation, Ultrasound & Lymphatic Massage is enough to keep skin happy and glowing to reach your skin goals!

No downtime is needed with this treatment, however slight redness may occur for 30mins-24hrs after treatment.

Geneo X

Express Oxfoliation

Want refreshed glowing skin but don't have much time in your schedule to do anything, maybe you just want a quick pick me up before an event or to give the skin a good clean? Then look no further than the Express Oxfoliation treatment, a perfect 30-40mins with an Oxfoliation and Ultrasound that will have your skin thanking you.

No downtime is needed with this treatment, however slight redness may occur for 30mins-24hrs after treatment.

Geneo X

Individual + Combination Treatments

Did you know every single modality that the Geneo X has to offer can be done as an individual treatment on its own, not only that but many of the handpieces can also be combined with other treatment modalities.

My personal Fav's being: Dermaplaning + the Glo2Facial / 3-in1- Superfacial Or RadioFrequency + Skin Needling!

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