Brow Services

Brows are now one of the most popular services in Beauty with many people wanting to ensure their brows are always superior! With many different options to achieve beautiful brows, whether its Natural or more defined you're after.. there is something for you!


Brow Wax

Eyebrows getting out of hand?.. Whether it's on its own or added onto any other treatment a Brow Wax is a quick and easy way to create shape and harmony between the two.

Brow Wax includes: Pre-measuring, Wax and after wax care. All Facial waxing is done with hot wax aka. "film wax" this is gentle on the skin while also being able to grab onto those stubborn little hairs.


Brow Transformation

Want a bit more colour in those hairs and a little more shape? Why not add a Brow tint to that wax!

Brow Transformation includes; Pre-measuring, Tint application (custom colour suited to each individual), Brow Wax, After wax care, Concealer Brow Sculpt.

Other Options:
Brow Tint Only

Brow Tint adds colour to the hair to enhance the natural brow while also providing a slight stain to the skin (this may last a day or two). Tint will last on the hairs anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your natural hair growth cycle and lifestyle factors - If you would like something longer lasting try the ever so popular Hybrid Brow Transformation.


Hybrid Brow Transformation

Want defined brows that last longer than the normal?

This is one of our most popular services - Hybrid Brow Transformation. Popular due to to the lasting time and end result that can be achieved. Hybrid is a "Dye" rather than a "Tint", this allows for better colour retention in both the hair and skin. Perfect for those with sparse brows wanting more shape.

Hybrid Brow Transformation includes; Pre-measuring, Dye application (custom colour suited to each individual), Brow Wax, After wax care, Concealer Brow Sculpt.

Other Options:
Hybrid Dye Only

Hybrid Dye lasts on the skin up to 1 week (sometimes 2 for some individuals) on the skin and 4-5 weeks on the hair, depending on Natural Hair Cycles, Skin Cycles and Lifestyle Factors.

*Hybrid Dye should avoid getting wet for a minimum of 24hrs to help better retention of colour. Darker colours will hold longer than lighter shades.


Brow Lamination

Brow Laminations have become an increasingly popular service among Brow businesses.

Brow Laminations allow for us as the therapist to control the direction and shape of the natural brow hair without the use of gels or other further products. This is also perfect for those who have stubborn curly brow hairs or hair that sits in a different direction than the rest.

Laminations work by changing the elasticity and flexibility in the hair with a solution, this allows us to move the hair in any direction we would like, the hair is then neutralised in that held position. This will hold its shape for up to 4-5 weeks.

Other Options:
Hybrid Brow Transformation + Lamination | Brow Transformation + Lamination | Brow Wax + Lamination |Hybrid Dye + Lamination | Brow Tint + Lamination
* Brow laminations longevity will differ between individuals based on their hair cycle and lifestyle factors. You must not get a Lamination wet for the first 24hrs.
*Photo is Brow Lamination with Hybrid Brow Transformation.


Brow Bleach + Dye Transformation

For those who naturally have dark brow and would like to lighten the colour.

Many people love having dark brows.. however many people also love something a bit more natural. Maybe you naturally have darker brows then you would like or you've lightened your hair and would like your brows to match. This will be the service you're looking for.

Brow Bleach + Dye Includes: Bleaching of Brow, Pre-measuring, Brow Dye, Brow Wax, After wax care, Concealer Brow sculpt.

Other options:
Brow Bleach + Dye | Brow Bleach + Wax | Brow Bleach + Tint Transformation | Brow Bleach + Tint | Brow Bleaching

*Brow bleaching cannot be performed same day as a Brow Lamination.

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