Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Treatments are able to target a large range of Skin concerns with little - no downtime, treating both Superficial & Deep Layer skin concerns.

Like most treatments, multiple session are recommended for the best results.


Pigmentation Removal

Whether it's a Spot Treatment to a Full face of Sun damage, Melasma or Post Acne Scarring (PIHP/ PIE).. maybe even a Birthmark you don't like? Q-switched Laser can do it all.

Laser can also treat both Superficial and Deep pigmentation, both options have their own way of breaking pigment down and healing the skin.

Superficial Pigmentation such as Freckles, Sun Damage will incur a downtime anywhere from 3-10days, Deep Pigmentation on the other hand involves no downtime other then possible flushing for 30mins -24hrs.

Surface Pigmentation & Tone

Laser Peel

If surface Pigmentation, Tone and Texture is your concern, A Laser Peel is your go-to for a quick, minimal downtime and acid-free option.

Using a shorter wavelength to target and breakdown surface pigmentation while exfoliating and increasing cell turnover. This is best suited for those with a full face of even pigmentation such as Freckles or Sun Damage.

*Redness is to be expected for up to 24hrs after laser treatment, mild dryness or flaky skin may occur 2-3 days after treatment.


Active & Post Acne Scarring

Laser is beneficial to acne by not only treating the active acne already on the face but also preventing future breakouts by cleaning out the pores, leaving behind a fresh canvas. Laser can also help reduce scarring marks left on the face from old breakouts by evening out the tone of the skin. No downtime is needed for this treatment with only a small amount of Erythema (flushing) left on the skin for less then 24hrs.

** Active Acne Laser & Post Acne Scarring Laser treatments are seperate services, Active Acne Laser already includes LED.


Laser Carbon Peel

You may have heard or seen the ever so popular Laser Carbon Facial (aka. China Doll Facial) this treatment became well known for a very good reason!

This being its the perfect treatment for a range of concerns such as Oily Skin, Congested skin (Blackheads, Breakouts, Clogged Pores) Fine Lines/Wrinkles by Increasing Blood Flow and Cell Turnover, removing build up in the pores while also providing a slight exfoliation to the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and glowing!

Collagen + Elastin, Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening & Toning

Laser Toning although having a vast range of treatment options is most commonly used for Skin Tightening & Toning.

The Laser heats up the deep layers of the skin to a specific temperature range known to stimulate new Collagen and Elastin, Reduce pore size, even out complexion and reduce redness/flushing in the skin with no downtime whatsoever!

rejuvenation + Pore Cleanse

Skin Rejuvenation/ Pore Cleanse

The perfect pick me up for the skin or your monthly maintenance plan!

This Laser treatment cleans the skin and pores to removed build up and old skin cells while evening out tone and texture. This treatment is also a perfect one to combine with other treatment options such as Clinical LED, Skin Peels, Geneo X and Dermaplaning for an incredible end result.

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