Our recommendations to help with Surface and Deep Pigmentations such as: Sun Damage/Freckles, Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation & Melasma.

Surface Pigmentation

Laser Peel

If surface Pigmentation, Tone and Texture is your concern, A Laser Peel is your go-to for a quick, minimal downtime and acid-free option.

Using a shorter wavelength to target and breakdown surface pigmentation while exfoliating and increasing cell turnover. This is best suited for those with a full face of even pigmentation such as Freckles or Sun Damage.

Surface Pigmentation - Spot Treatment

Spot Removal

Laser can also treat both Superficial and Deep pigmentation, both options have their own way of breaking pigment down and healing the skin.

Superficial Pigmentation such as Freckles, Sun Damage will incur a downtime anywhere from 3-10days, Deep Pigmentation on the other hand involves no downtime other then possible flushing for 30mins -24hrs.

Surface + Deep Pigmentation

Level 2 Skin Needling

Level 2 Skin Needling is for those wanting to amp up their treatment a notch! This treatment covers both the Face + Neck.

This treatment will be performed the same as Level 1 incl. the option to customise the Needling serum with the Uber Pro Peel added on - Filled with Active Acids, Peptides & Vitamins. Giving your skin the ultimate transformation! This peel is formulated to be used after skin needling so is completely stable. A hydrating mask is applied followed by your aftercare.

More downtime may be needed with this treatment due to the peel with a possible time frame of 48-72hrs.

*Pre-pay packages available.

Deep Pigmentation

Laser Rejuvenation

The perfect pick me up for the skin or your monthly maintenance plan!This Laser treatment cleans the skin and pores to removed build up and old skin cells while evening out tone and texture. This treatment is also a perfect one to combine with other treatment options such as Clinical LED, Skin Peels, Geneo X and Dermaplaning for an incredible end result.


Derma Brighten + Hydrate Facial

Best suited for those with Dry, Pigmented, Dull or uneven tone. This Facial will leave you Hydrated and Glowing! Packed full of nourishing products and the best ingredients suited for your skin.

This 1hr Facial includes: Double cleanse with 2 different products, Peeling Cream, Neck+ Decolletage massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Hydrating Face Mask, Individually picked brightening Serums, Eye Cream, Moisturiser and SPF.

Surface Pigmenation

Modified Jessner Peel

Jessner Peels are one of the many peels most associated with Pigment.

Made with a combination of Lactic, Salicylic + Citric Acid to target Pigmentation from Sun damage, Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, Refine skin texture and reduce congestion. This is another peel also suitable for darker skin tones. Unlike traditional Jessner's, Modified Jessner Peels are neutralised in clinic allowing to have full control over the peel.

This peel is a good starting point for those already familiar with skin peels and are looking to slowly back away from superficial peels and further into medium depth peels.

Some people may experience mild redness, increased sensitivity and possible dry "flaky" skin or a possible breakout or two in the days after, known as a "Purge" this is the bodies way of removing toxins and waste from the bod normal.

Full Face Pigmentation

Cosmelan Peel

Want to step it up a few notches? Able to stick to strict home care routine and not afraid of some downtime? Then this will be your perfect peel.

This peel is delivered different and involves a total of 6mths commitment and guidance, The benefit?...Most people only need to do this once and they achieve a major result and stunning skin!

Process includes: Use of daily at home brightening serum to use 4wks prior to the Cosmelan Treatment, in-clinic Lactic Acid peel to prep skin 2wks prior to Cosmelan. Cosmelan peel is then performed in-clinic by applying a thick "mud mask" like cream all over the face that you then leave with and have on for 8-10hrs, this is then washed off at home with water then start your 6mth home care routine (First 3-4mths of products included).
*Post Cosmelan LED and Facial is recommended 7days after.
*Cosmelan mask when on will not have any physical sensations, when the mask is washed off you may experience Mild tingling, Redness and Sunburn like symptoms for up to 48-72hrs, physical peeling will be expected in the 4-10days after the peel.