Lash Services

Lashes along with Brows are one of the most iconic features on a person. The way your lashes are done can make a major difference on someones appearance and confidence. Whether you naturally have short lashes and need something a little extra or you already have long lashes and want to enhance them, there is an option for everyone!


Lash Tint

Lash Tints are the OG of the lash world, something as simple as a Lash Tint can enhance your natural lashes and facial features with no maintenance or home care needed.

Lash tints are done at Ethereal with Hybrid Dye over standard tint to ensure longevity and maximum colour pay off.

Lash Tints can be combined with a number of other lash services including:

Lash Lift + Tint | Lash Tint + Full Set of Extensions


Lash Lift

Quickly becoming more popular over Lash extensions due to the reduced amount of maintenance and home care needed as well as the increased amount of sales in Lash Growth Serums, Lash Lifts are the perfect way to show off your natural lashes without the extra maintenance.

Lash lifts use a solution to change the flexibility in the hair shaft allowing it to be manipulated into any shape, in this case we use a rod (size chosen to suit your specific outcome and natural lash length). The lashes are placed over the rod which will allow the natural lashes to curve upwards, a second solution is then used to hold this lash position, giving them that "lash curler" look. Nourishing products are then used to moisturise the hairs.

*Combining a Lash Lift with a Tint can further enhance the natural lashes.


Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are the best way to add volume and length where your natural lashes are lacking.

Many styles can be done with lash extensions such as:

Classic Lashes (1 false lash to 1 real lash) | Volume Lashes (3-6 false lashes to 1 real lash - this is called a fan) | Hybrid Lashes ( 1 false lash to every second real lash + 3d fan lashes to every alternate real lash).
* Pictured is Hybrid Lashes + Hybrid Brow Transformation.

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