Skin Consultation + Analysis

Skin Consultations are the best way to get a true understanding of your skin's health and concerns, allowing a visual of the skins layers in our OBSERV 520x that the naked eye cannot see, in combination with some Q&A's from verbal + written consults we can ensure to tailor treatments and home care products suited to your individual skin. This is the perfect building blocks to start to your skin journey.

  • Daylight Mode

    The OBSERV 520x is equipped with 6 light emitters that give off a natural, soft light without shadow distortion. This is a view of how the clients skin would be viewed in natural daylight in the mirror. A good starting point for us to see a still image of the clients face and listing any skin concerns to be noted down that the client may have.

  • Pigmentation Mode

    Using Photo-data processing technology the OBSERV 520x can remove underlying redness + texture shown in the daylight mode to provide a clearer image of other pigmentations found hidden in the skin such as: Freckles, Sun Damage, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

  • Vascular Mode

    By removing the underlying pigment and texture that displays in "Daylight Mode" we are able to visually see the appearance of any Vascular conditions in the skin such as: Spider Veins & Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and Skin Inflammation.

  • Texture Mode

    Using Photo-data processing technology to remove the underlying skin colour from the daylight image, we are able to see uneven Texture, Visible Pores, Lines + Wrinkles, Rough Skin and Scar Tissue.

  • True UV Mode

    True UV uses a harmless dose of of invisible UV light to the skin creating an interaction with different Cells, Vessels, Microorganisms and abnormalities with the Epidermis and Dermis layers of the skin, creating a fluorescent pattern that allows us to see Skin Lipids (Oils), Clogged pores, Bacteria we can also get a visual on deeper pigmentation.

  • Wood's Lamp

    Wood's Lamp uses short wave Blue light reflected by skin lipids present both in and on-top of the skin, this allows us to view how much (Natural Moisturising Factor) a client has that can result in overactive Healthy Skin, overactive Sebaceous Glands or Dehydration. Hypopigmenation (loss of pigment) also will become visible in this light.