Dermaplaning is the use of a Surgical Blade to remove the Vellus Hair (aka. "Peach Fuzz") and old built up skin cells that are sitting on the surface of the skin with a slip solution. This results in a smooth, glowing complexion ready for an event or for your monthly maintenance routine... although these can be done as close as 2wks apart. No downtime whatsoever and a fresh canvas for your makeup application, what more could you want!



This incredible skin pick me up is the perfect treatment to get your skin fresh and glowing!

This treatment includes: Skin Cleanse, Dermaplaning, 2nd Cleanse then finally the application of your aftercare! This is a quick 40min treatment that is perfect to do in your lunch break.

There is no downtime with this treatment, however some people may experience mild redness for up to 12hrs after.


Dermaplaning + Clinical LED

The perfect Pair! Why not add on LED to further enhance your skin results while also calming down any redness and kill off any bacteria present in the skin.

LED will be added onto this treatment straight after Dermaplaning followed by your aftercare.


Dermaplaning + Peel

Old skin cells won't stand a change with this treatment! Adding a Lactic Acid Peel on directly after this treatment will be sure to offer you the freshest, glowiest skin ever!

The peel is applied directly onto the freshly dermaplaned skin to allow the best product absorption, mild tingling will be expected for this treatment due to fresh skin already being exposed prior to the peel however will still be more then comfortable. Aftercare is applied directly after neutralising the peel.

Mild redness & heat is expected with this treatment due to the amount of exfoliation, this usually lasts up to 24-48hrs.
*Please note: This treatment should only be completed on skin's with a healthy barrier to prevent any complications, this can be determined by your therapist.


Dermaplane Deluxe

If you're one to go all out, this is for you! This treatment is the ultimate Combination of all 3 treatments + the added bonus of a soothing face mask on top!

Thats Dermaplaning, Lactic Peel, Clinical LED & a Soothing Customised Face Mask to bring the best of your skin out! Of course we can't forget the aftercare as well.

* Downtime may include mild redness and heat for up to 24-48hrs.

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